Brandi Belle fucks a deaf guy

Have you ever fucked a deaf guy? I really recommend it…none of the bullshit chit-chat, he just shows up and looks into your eyes and it’s down to business. That’s what happened with this shoot, one of my girlfriends called me up and told me I just HAD to get into this guy’s pants and how amazing of a fuck he was. While he was ramming his very nice dick into me I guess he just didn’t realize how loud he was being, which was actually kind of hot…we obviously couldn’t talk but let me tell you he was VERY good at reading my “body language”!
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Sneaky dorm fuck with Brandi Belle

Oh man, this shoot was hilarious…I was hanging out with this boy in his dorm, and we noticed his roommate was busy studying on his computer with headphones on. We exchanged a glance and before you can say “Brandi Belle sucks a mean cock” I was on my knees, well, sucking a mean cock! We tried being as quiet as possible to see how much we could get away with without tipping off his roommate. As it turns out, we could get away with quite a bit…he had me doggystyle, cowgirl, all kinds of ways and I was moaning away and the roommate didn’t even turn around! Maybe we’ll leave these pictures on his computer so he can see what he missed out on.
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Making Dreams a Reality

Brandi Belle is always looking to make some peoples dream come true. This weeks update “Making Dreams A Reality” Brandi answers a email from a guy who’s girl has always wanted to eat out another girl. Brandi invites the couple over and well you watch the video and you will see she makes dreams come true!

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My poolside fuck

Who doesn‘t love a nice warm dip in the pool? I do, that’s for damn sure…especially when I invited this cute skater boy I met over for a swim. If you know Brandi Belle at all you know it didn’t take me long to get his shorts off and his cock in my mouth…I don’t much care for the taste of chlorine though so we got out of the water and I showed him my cute round ass. I wanted a little more than a quick hard fuck though so we headed inside and things got hot, I ended up with a nice warm load all over my perky little tits!
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Brandi and Shaye team up

My girlfriend Shaye called me up one day complaining that the maintenance man in her building kept staring at her ass every time she walked near him…I can’t say I blame him actually, she’s got an amazing ass that I’d love to just bury my face in and…mmmmm. Sorry, I got a little distracted. Anyway, I headed over there and met up with her, we cornered the guy in a storage room and fucked and sucked his perverted little brains out. That’ll teach him to mess with a friend of Brandi Belle! Now Shaye owes me a favor…hmmmmmm…

brandi belle movie

Brandi Belle Humiliates A Goth Boy

Hey guys Brandi here. I have something special in store for you this week. We came across this dude that was masturbating in the tub, so when we found him of course we started laughing at him histerically. Meanwhile, I decided to get some milk and just for shits and giggles we gave him a milk bath. I have to say it was pretty hot watching this nerdy looking goth boy all covered in milk, all helpless while Crissy, Veronica and myself had our way with him. He wasn’t allowed to say a word and he had to do exactly what we told him too. You know something it feels great being in control. Anyhow it was so much fun watching Crissy and Veronica give this guy a blow job, that I had something more in store for our little sexual boy toy. I wanted to ride him and I did. It was fun fucking a boy covered in milk. Ha ha you know what they say milk does a body good! Yummy!

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Footjob fantasy

Hang on to your toes, kids! Brandi Belle here, and if you’ve got a fetish for cute feet have I got a treat for you. This video is all about me showing off my feet, washing and pampering them, not to mention giving a lucky guy a footjob he (and you) will be dreaming about for years!! I just love the feel of a warm hard cock sliding between my petite little feet, all lubed up and slippery…check out the full vid in my members section and I think you’ll agree that when I get in a mood, mischief is definitely a-foot! Oh man that was a dumb joke, I’m sorry.

brandi belle movie

Brandi Brings Newbie To The Gloryhole

Talk about driving traffic to your local adult store. Brandi Belle brings this teen friend of hers with tiny tits and a killer latina ass to the porn shop. Drags her in back to the video booths and gets a big dick poked in through the gloryhole. She strokes, sucks, and fucks this cock til it blows on her titties. Check out the full video to see her friend get her first taste of the gloryhole.

brandi belle movie

Brandi Belle does some farming

YEEEEEEEEEEHAW! Saddle on up pardners, these here photos are gonna keep you goin til the cows come home. It’s been a month of Sundays since I did a Brandi Belle shoot with some good ol’ down-home country boys so I figgered I’d git on down to this farm I knew of and see what I could rustle up. Well, I did find me a coupla stallions there but it turns out they were personal trainers taking a field trip out to see an old high-school buddy. Aw hell, they’ll do! Come on and watch me get my brains fucked out by these two on the farm, I took one dick in the mouth and one in the pussy and ended up doing a little ‘dairy milking’ of my own and getting a good facial.
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Brandi Belle’s Breakfast

My dreams…aren’t like most peoples dreams, so I thought I’d share this one with you. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into the mind of Brandi Belle! I was trying to enjoy a nice bowl of cereal but there was just something not quite right…I know, it needed a little fresh shot of hot man-milk to spice things up! In my dream though I was just a spectator, watching Lana Violet do the dirty work, and boy did she work it hardcore. Breakfast time!

video of brandi belle

Brandi Belle’s First Time

I was so stoked when I found this set. It’s actually Brandi Belle‘s first time in front of the camera for her site. She had brought along two of her friends and interviews them in the video then they all fondle some male stripper she hired. One thing leads to another and we can just say that Brandi Belle has been making us happy since the very first day she hit the internet.
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