Brandi Belle, super spy

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Ha ha, I’m actually the worst spy ever. The other day I was outside goofing around playing hula-hoop when I noticed my neighbor was buck naked in his house, jerking off! I didn’t bother being sneaky, I just walked right over to the window and peered in…he didn’t seem to mind my “spying” though, he invited me in with a wave and a smile. I figured hell, if he’s open enough to pleasure himself in front of me why not enjoy it! I did a little licking and sucking and as his cock got harder I stripped off my shorts and rode him like a champ…when he started breathing hard and going a little red in the face I knew it was time so I hopped off and took his load in my mouth…well that was a nice break, time to get back to work becoming Hula Hoop Champeen of the Universe!! Later pal…just another day in the crazy life of Brandi Belle!
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